What's This About

My name is Adam Whitlock (pronouns he/him) and I like to think of myself as being many things.

Professional Work

Engineering Management

I keep an updated manager README.md on Github if you want to learn how I approach management and my guiding principles.

Site Design & Details

The site is hosted on Github, using Github Pages. Website code is statically generated, meaning that all content on this site was pre-generated and not rendered. There’s no Javascript in use at the moment, but if some gets added I’ll hopefully remember to update this section with that info. I use Hugo, which is a static site generation framework written in Go. This allows me to write pages in Markdown, instead of needing to constantly format pages in HTML and grapple with CSS fun.

While I didn’t make Hugo, I did write the website theme “Huey” from scratch. I named it after the musician Baby Huey, whose record was on my mantle when I was trying to come up with a name. It’s MIT licensed, so feel free to use & modify accordingly. Huey uses Bulma CSS Framework, which saved on time and formatting issues.


If there’s more information you wanted to know, reach out using the contact page and I’d be glad to add it (if appropriate).