Hugo, Through Design

Using theme design to learn Hugo better

I would play with site design every day, from when I got home from work until passing out after 2AM. My workspace was a corner desk with a large 22" flat screen CRT and a Mac mini, with barely enough memory to drive the display. My chair constantly hit the railing of my bed, which barely fit in the room. The screen made it feel like the room was bigger. What I worked on made it feel like anything was good enough. People used what I made and that was rewarding.

Music Streaming With Volumio and Raspberry Pi

Instructions on building your own Spotify streamer

I wanted a device that could stream audio from a media server like Plex, not be reliant on Bluetooth for connectivity, allow me to use my existing speakers, and provide high quality audio output. I also wanted a solution that didn’t have me vendor-locked, like using Chromecast Audio or Amazon Echo. This left little options, other than buying a very nice wireless DAC or similar device. About nine months ago it occurred to me that I could build what I wanted, far cheaper than most solutions. It would also prove to be a fun project and stretch some of my knowledge of audiophile equipment.